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Raves and Reviews

"Anna at The Tan Cabana knows that when it comes to tanning orange is NOT the new black! Out of the many, somewhat tragic times I have attempted spray tans this has been by far the best experience I've had yet. Natural looking and streak free tans do exist!"


"Can anyone say body contouring... I've never had any of my other airbrushing tanning artists do this for me. It literally made me look 10 lbs. skinnier! I can't thank Anna enough for making me feel skinny & sexy. I can literally walk in pale and walk out with a gorgeous tan in 20 minutes or less. I highly recommend The Tan Cabana!"


"Anna is seriously gifted! I have super high standards with spray tans, and she completely met and exceeded them. My tan is perfectly even and nearly odorless. She was so professional throughout my tan and made me feel completely comfortable. Can't recommend this place enough. And thank you for making my boyfriend a believer, too - he loved his first spray tan!"


"Absolutely love love love The Tan Cabana. I recently went for my first airbrush tan for a photoshoot and it looked so natural and flawless my photographer was ecstatic. I've gotten spray tans before, but none on the same level as this. Anna is extremely experienced with airbrushing and will ensure your tan is the perfect tone not only in person but on camera." 


"Anna is so sweet and makes you feel very comfortable during the whole process. I have been to her several times and every time I have ended up with a great and natural looking tan. I highly recommend her!"


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