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Glow like a Victoria Secret model

Want to Glow like a Victoria Secret model? Book an airbrush tan at The Tan Cabana! Every year millions tune into CBS to watch brozed beauties strut the runway, showing off their tanned toned bodies, radiant skin and beach bombshell locks. According to the Inquisiter , model Gigi Haadid claims she maintains her supple skin by drinking lots of water, along with a clean skin care routine.

Drinking plenty of water is very important, and doing so can aide in expanding the life of your airbrush tan. Dry skin sheds quicker than moisturized skin, so you will want to be sure to keep your skin hydrated and drink up, along with moisturizing twice a day. Our Infinity Sun Hydrating Extender gently hydrates the skin and contains a tiny bit of DHA giving your airbrush tan the boost it needs to extend your tan by 2-3 days alone!

One of the great aspects about custom airbrush tanning compared to tanning in a generic booth, is that we have the ability to highlight and contour your body to bring out your best assets. All of the victoria secret models utilize body contouring by spray tanning, keeping their legs and stomach darker and gently highlighting the face to create a more slimming apperence. Our hydrating shimmer treatment is a popular upgrade service of ours and can be applied after your Tan Cabana airbrush tan, creating a warm glow with subtle shimmer to create a flawless faux glow!

Everyone looks better with a gorgeous glow, not only does airbrush tanning allow you to appear 5-10 lbs thinner, it also diminishes celulite, vericose viens, freckles, and other skin imperfections to create a more polished airbrushed look.

Be sure to book your airbrush tan at the Cabana today, and remember we offer $5 off with a valid Student or Miliatary ID. Xox

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