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The Best Places in Jacksonville Beach to Show off Your Spray Tan

Florida is one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States for luxurious getaways, with The Tan Cabana’s flagship location smackdab in the middle of coveted Jacksonville Beach.

Whether you’ve chosen Jacksonville Beach as a vacation spot or are a year-round resident here, we at The Tan Cabana want to give you a flawless, natural airbrush spray tan and send you off to some of our favorite Jacksonville Beach local spots to show it off!

What better way to enjoy Florida’s ocean than with some freshly caught fish? This well-kept pier offers a gorgeous view, ice cream stands and refreshment counters, and costs only $1 per person to enter. Rent a fishing pole and some bait for $20 and enjoy the bright sun’s rays on your bronzed legs (compliments of The Tan Cabana!), and be sure to bring your sunscreen and stay hydrated. Be sure to keep your eyes out for schools of stingrays and jellyfish that pass by under the pier!

This mini golf and waterpark located a quarter-mile east of the Intercoastal Highway is a family favorite for locals and visitors alike! Schedule time for laser tag, the Wacky Worm Rollercoaster, batting cages, a teddy bear factory and Adventure Landing’s very own “Sweet Adventures Candy Shop!” Tickets for the waterpark are $23.99 and up, with season passes already available for 2016.

**Expert Tip: Before hitting the slides and whirlpools, it’s recommended that you schedule your Tan Cabana airbrush spray tan with us a day beforehand to ensure the tan has been fully absorbed.**

3) Surfing lessons

The Atlantic Ocean lines Jacksonville Beach, and what better way to display your airbrush spray tan than by learning how to surf? There are several surf schools and training programs to choose from, among them being the popular Thompson Surf School—instructor Evan Thompson is known for being especially patient and perfect for kids—and Jax Surf Training.

Whether it’s lounging on Jacksonville Beach’s world-renowned sandy white beaches, enjoying an oceanfront view and cocktail from one of our many premier resorts, or exploring with the whole family, the best way to do it all is with a skin-safe, natural

Tan Cabana airbrush spray tan.

**Expert Tip: The Tan Cabana’s spray tans DO NOT contain sunscreen. We encourage every client to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher at least every two hours (or more frequently when in water or sweating), as per the FDA’s recommendations.

Have you scheduled your airbrush spray tan with The Tan Cabana yet? Use our easy online appointment system and we’ll get you in before you hit the waves!

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