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5 Reasons to Spray Tan this Holiday Season

The Tan Cabana wants you to look your best this holiday season, as always! Many of our clients prefer booking ahead if hey have a holiday party they plan on attending. We usually recommend coming in a day or two before your event, that way you will have a chance to shower and rinse off the bronzer prior to your event. In addtion a lot of clients LOVE the look of their tan even more after they take their first shower, as it lightens slightly for the most natural looking tan.

Here is a list of 5 reasons to spray tan at The Tan Cabana this holiday season.....

1. Glow: Your look is never fully compete without good glow! Glowing skin = healthy skin and surely you will want to look healthy and happy around friends this holiday season.

2. Hydrate: In the winter season, our skin inevitably becomes dryer, thus causing skin to appear dull. Our hydrating anti aging airbrush tans will have you holiday party ready in no time! Hydrated, soft, supple skin is akways in.

3. Pictures: You wil for sure want to look your best in all of your holiday party pictures. Airbrush tanning buffs out common imperfections and evens out your skin tone all together for a photo ready you!

4. Slimming: The slimming affects of airbrush tanning are amazing, you will look about 5-10 lbs thinner with a tan. Airbrush tanning creates an illusion to make you appear slimmer, tan fat looks better than white fat (as some may say) . And on top of that, we body contour every time.

5. Legs: Who really wears tan nylons anymore? We know many of you plan on wearing holiday dresses. Did we mention airbrush tanning helps consele celulite, vericose veins, freckles and many more... (warning: Tan Cabana spray tans are addicting)

We offer package deals, and sell gift cards if you would like to give the gift of a good glow to a friend this hoiday season or take advantage of a package deal for all of your holiday parties and events!

See you at The Tan Cabana, Xox

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